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Get off to a great start with this free checking account that includes many cool perks and benefits.

Key Features

  • No Monthly Service Fee
  • No Minimum Balance
  • Up to 20 Free Checks
  • Free Digital Banking


New for FYI Club Members - Zogo!

It pays to learn about finance - literally! Montana Credit Union has partnered with Zogo to help our FYI Club Members learn the basics of personal finance.

Zogo is a gamified financial literacy app that rewads you for completing bite-sized financial literacy lessons on smart saving, spending, and managing your money. The app includes nearly 300 modules on 20 different topics, from opening a checking account to saving for retirement - and everything in between.

By completing modules, taking interactive five question quezzes, and participating in daily trivia games, users earn virtual "pineapples" and work toward real-life rewards - like a $5 gift card to one of your favorite stores!

Download the Zogo app and type in our access code to get started:  MONTANACU

At Montana CU, we want to provide all our members with the tools they need to build a bright financial future. Start with the Zogo app today, and we can guide you ahead to that goal together!